“A polished concept, put together fantastically. My goodness, what more could you ask for?!? This is how seminars are done!”

Peter Friedrich
(Head of Human Resources Germany, Nordzucker AG)

Captivating content

„We are offering internal  negotiation trainings

for over 15 years –  this was the Best!”

Guido Durrer
(Head HR & Organizations, MERITOR AG)

„Preparation, tactics, and lots of psychology presented in a unique way. One is truly looking forward to the next negotiation to apply these skills. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend that every experienced procurement manager should visit this training.“

Joerg Fischer
(Procurement, Freudlsperger Beton- und Kieswerke GmbH)

Welcome to NASHER – The Negotiation Institute

Our approach: the most effective methods from all realms of negotiation. Harvard’s Win-Win approach along with psychological tactics. We also focus on reading the other: how to find out the other party’s true interests but also how to detect bluffing and deception.   

Through our US and our Europe/Asia we support our clients‘ negotiation effectiveness worldwide.  We do not believe in a cure-all for every negotiation, but in a system combining the best insights from research & practice. We work with teaching tools from Harvard University’s Project on Negotiation to bring cutting edge knowledge to your next negotiation.

Professor Jack Nasher, who studied and taught at Oxford University, has published his method in his runaway bestseller DEAL!, which appeared from China to Russia. He teaches and advises the world’s most successful companies.  

NASHER has everything you need for your next negotiation and beyond.

The secret of our success?


We have multiple bestsellers under our belt that have appeared around the globe.


The world’s most successful companies trust us – again and again.


We utilize the latest learning approaches so that you have fun and enjoy yourself.


We are featured in countless publications, radio, and TV programs.


Jack Nasher is a negotiation advisor, management-professor, and an international bestselling author. He has helped car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and startups improve their negotiation processes.

He studied and taught at Oxford University and is currently a professor at Munich Business School and faculty at Stanford University. He has earned his stripes at the European Court of Justices, at the United Nations in New York City, and at Wall Street’s leading law firm Skadden.

Reading and influencing people – that is his expertise. His books are multiple bestsellers and appeared in Germany, Russia, China and many other countries. Articles from and about him appeared in leading international publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, China Times, ZEIT and Forbes. He is an avid mentalist and regularly demonstrates mind mysteries at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

Nasher is a Principle Practitioner of the Association of Business Psychology and regularly speaks at management conventions, where his research has been awarded with a gold medal.  


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