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This is how we operate:


Perfect Preparation

  • We scrutinize all alternative options
  • We measure the leverage and maximize ours
  • We define the key people and the key information

Interest Analysis

  • We find the interests behind the positions
  • We separate needs from wants
  • We develop creative scenarios to maximize mutual interests

Negotiation Strategy

  • We develop a table strategy
  • What are our anchors and how do we justify them?
  • We find objective criteria to support our claims
  • We plan strategic concessions

Case samples:

Talk is cheap, which is why we act: we advise pharmaceutical companies regarding the launch of a new drug, we help employers‘ associations to negotiate collective wage agreements, and start-ups solving typical problems among founders.

Family trouble

The founder of a successful food brand passed away. Now, the deceased’s sons and brother were fighting for the trademark. We advised the sons through the negotiation process.

Acquisition of an oil and gas platform

Acquisition of an oil and gas platform in the Arctic sea and the resulting difficulties with the provider, especially delays and failures to perform. We prepared the decisive negotiation and lead it, dealing with nine digit figures.

Salary negotiations

The entire existing sales team of a corporation was asked to sign a changed employment contract. It would have led to a radically new commission structure that would have been much worse, supposedly to prevent even worse. We prepared the negotiations with the board.

Property Developer

Our client, a property developer with annual sales in the double-digit millions, had entered into a joint venture with a much bigger partner. It became highly problematic due to the partner’s repeated poor performance. The partner exerted much pressure on our client and tried a war of attrition. We helped our client to maximize leverage in the subsequent negotiations.

Introduction of a New Drug

Our client, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, was about to launch a new drug in the German market. Before such a launch, there are negotiations with the umbrella organization of health insurances. We prepared the negotiations that resulted in a sales price above expectations.

Start Up

Our client is a shareholder of a start up company. It had been on the verge of bankruptcy just a few years back and was practically abandoned by the other shareholders. Our client continued working on it by himself and developed a technology that is becoming highly sought after by multiple blue chip companies. We helped negotiate the shareholder’s separation in our client’s interest.

Our recipe for negotiation success:

  • The right Preparation 30% 30%
  • Finding the optimal negotiation strategy 50% 50%
  • The perfect closing 20% 20%

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